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发布人:yanhui 来源: 研究生办公室 时间:2017-06-20

    日期 :2017年6月21日(周三)

    时间 : 下午3:00-4:00 

    地点 : 工程训练中心325

    承办单位 : MG赌场研究生会

    题目 : It’s All about Cache ( 缓存在云计算、大数据中的应用研究)

    报告人简介 : Professor Ming Zhao

    PhD, Department of professor of the ASU School of Computing. USA. Ming Zhao is an professor of the ASU School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, where he directs the research laboratory for Virtualized Infrastructures.


    This talk is about cache, and more specifically, solid-state storage based cache for large-scale computing systems such as cloud computing and big data systems. With the increasing data intensity and increasing level of consolidation in such systems, storage is becoming a serous bottleneck. Emerging solid-state storage devices such as flash memory and 3D Xpoint have the potential to address this scalability issue by providing a new caching layer between main memory and hard drives in the storage hierarchy. However, solid-state storage has limited capacity and endurance, and needs to be managed carefully when used for caching. This talk will present several recent works done by the VISA Research Lab for addressing these limitations and making effective use of solid-state caching.

    First, the talk will introduce CloudCache, an on-demand cache allocation solution for understanding the cache demands of virtual machine workloads and allocating the shared cache capacity efficiently. It is able to reduce a workload’s cache usage by 78% and the amount of writes sent to cache device by 40%, compared to traditional working-set-based approach. Second, the talk will present CacheDedup, an in-line cache deduplication solution that integrates caching and deduplication with duplication-aware cache replacement to improve the performance and endurance of solid-state caches. It can reduce a workload’s I/O latency by 51% and the amount of writes sent to cache device by 89%, compared to traditional cache management approaches. Finally, the talk will be concluded with a brief overview of the systems research at the VISA lab.

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